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VIP Mentors are VERY INSPIRING PEOPLE (VIP) who share their knowledge, time, and financial resources with youth 10 - 21 years old.  The valuable time mentors spend with our YOUTH matters to them.  We offer youth with one-on-one, group, peer, face-to-face and virtual mentoring sessions and seminars, or a combination of these types of mentoring services and activities to help them grow and succeed in life. 

VIP Mentors Matter, Inc. is a Maryland registered 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization aimed to help young people determine their financial future by teaching them sound, practical money management and financial literacy skills along with exposing them to entrepreneurship principles as a way to earn more money.  We are also a membership organization that shines a light on our members who mentor and empower low-income and disadvantaged youth to succeed in life.  We have created an easy, no commitment, no-strings-attached nomination awards program to thank mentors with cash grants which can help to allow them to continue mentoring our youth.  We also match youth with subject expert mentors through our virtual mentorship program.

Meet Our 2021 VIP Mentors and Sponsors

Aldi Smart Kids 

Sisters 4 Sisters Network, Inc. 

Premier Enterprise Solutions

Grayhound Trash Removal, Inc. 

Davis Law and Mediation - 

Dixon Endeavors - 

Alliance Tax & Accounting Service - 

 Allstate Financial Advisor - 

4MSR Program -

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Financial Empowerment Fundraiser for Youth

Saturday, April 17, 2021, 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Register a YOUNG PERSON to attend this FREE upcoming Financial Empowerment Fundraiser for Youth.  This event will be held both virtually and in person at our Clinton, Maryland studio.  Youth will learn the nuts and bolts of managing personal finances including basic budgeting, how to create a grocery/food budget, money management, on-line stock market investing, and entrepreneurship principles.  Virtual and in-person door prizes, fun exercises and guest speakers will be available.  The first 10 youth to register will receive a free $50 gift card from Aldi store.  Youth will be inspired by other Youth Speakers who will share their success stories.  We are seeking more youth speakers for this event.  All youth speakers will receive a speaker's stipend.

To Register a Youth, send us an email at: or Click Here:   


All Sponsors will receive "free" membership to VIP Mentors along with the following thank you gifts:

  • Your name listed on our website and all our marketing collateral which promotes your project or business including a web link from our website to yours.
  • Thirty-second (30) video commercial to use as part of your social media marketing. campaign ($500 sponsors only)
  • Free access to our annual celebration and fundraising gala. 

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Who Can Join the VIP Mentors Program?

We are currently looking for both mentors and mentees (the protégée) from all ethnic, racial, political, religious, career, and industry backgrounds to join the VIP Mentors Program.

What are the benefits of joining the program for a mentee/protégée?

• Participate in live monthly conference calls or webinars where you will receive tips from successful mentors and learn how they became successful.
• Get access to free resources on enhancing your career, business, personal well-being and relationships, and more.
• Get access to a private VIP crowdfunding money club to help finance your community and business projects.
Have the opportunity to become a future mentor.
• Attend an annual power networking mentoring conference.

What are the benefits for Mentors?

• Receive a speaker's fee for participating in our monthly conference calls and webinars.
• Have access to a Private VIP crowdfunding money club to help finance your community and business projects.
• Share your knowledge to help someone grow.
• Motivate and inspire people to improve their economic status and personal growth status.
• Get one-on-one consulting services for an additional low-cost fee.
• Get a future tax write off for being a part of our VIP Mentoring Program.

What is the cost to join the VIP Mentors Program?

Our Special price today to join the VIP Mentors Matter Program is $75 per year. Our normal membership price is $200 per year.

What is the Cost to Join Our Crowdfunding Money Pool?

The initial cost to join our Crowdfunding Money Pool is $20.00.  This includes information on how to raise money to fund your project or business venture. The total amount of money that is in the Crowdfunding Money Pool will determine how much money we will donate to your community or business project.

Crowdfunding Money Pool